2020 Mack Titan aka "Big Mack"

2020 Mack Titan aka "Big Mack"

The newest of the Macks. A bit of a workhorse this one! Either out on remote runs or up and down the Tanami. 

Named because- it's the biggest Mack we have! 

Proudly driven by Jess

Mack Trident aka "The Tilt"

The multi-purpose member of our fleet is our Mack Trident Tilt Tray. 

Equipped with the Ekebol TFS12 tilt & slide tray, it has the flexibility to place containers & load freight from the tightest spaces with ease.

With the 535hp Mack MP8 under the bonnet, it's more than capable of carrying a load & towing two FTE Trailers in even the harshest conditions.

Give us a call today for all of your tilt tray requirements in the Red Centre. 


This truck is driven by Mark Stanes 

2004 Mack Titan CLR Rebuild "CATDOG" 

Bossman purchased a 2004 Mack Titan CLR 6x4 Prime Mover from Port Hedland WA. A green machine with 1.3 million kms, 29, 676 hours. 

What happened next was extraordinary! Check out our Facebook Page with pictures of the full rebuild from the chassis up! 

Catdog is named because of the Cat motor in the Mack dog. She is loud and obnoxious and we love her to bits. 


Catdog is driven by Paul 

2014 Mack Titan "Junior" 

Junior came to us as a second hand fill in truck. But because of an increasing work load, we decided to add her to our everyday fleet. 

Junior is currently white and without our branding but that will change soon! Junior is named because compared to the rest of the Macks, she is the smallest. She is also named after Mark & Kylie's daughter Matilda. 


Junior is driven by Sean 

2016 Mack CXXT "Oberon"

Our first new Mack, still going strong. 

This truck is named Oberon because that is where she spends most of her time. Oberon is going up and back on Tanami Road multiple times per week to Newmont/Granites with all different types of freight for the expansion project. 


Oberon is driven by Bruce Stanes 

2023 Kenworth C509 "yet to be named" 

One of these things is not like the others... That's right, we have a Kenworth! We took delivery of this truck in April 2024 after waiting a couple of years for delayed production from COVID. 

Stanes Transport have always had Mack Trucks but Bossman decided we needed something different. 

So far the Kenworth has been on a few trips to different communities with Bossman but she is now being driven by Tash. 

We haven't thought of a name yet!